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Probably many readers of this article with a look or come across the concept of "Being a specialist in his field." And how much is untrue, increased, or vice versa reduced the authority of the one of whom was currently talking about. And probably always been considered to this day to have a prestigious status of a good or even excellent specialist in their field. Complete any prestigious university and obtain documentary evidence in the form of a diploma, where there's even a graph as a "specialty", which in turn gives the right to consider himself a specialist, if there is anything written. Specialists are required to work, demand for professionals in all areas. And if you're the type who consider yourself, then worry about the expense of a lack of demand, or you have no reason to. Just as there is no reason to worry about tomorrow. But it is more likely as a consequence than a reality of this concept. Indeed, the mere existence of the status of "expert" you can not feed and clothe not.    Geld kurzfristig anlegen

It seems to be all right and like the way it should be, taking the fact that there is something to strive for what is wished for. And it does not want to disturb the quiet of this idyllic sequence of events by making what is not entirely clear tone of trying to take a look at this issue from a somewhat different angle. Speaking the language of war to destabilize the established concept of the issue. But still, with your permission I wanted to do it, hoping to turn the spotlight aimed at the issue a little bit on the other side. Claiming at the same time for a little closer to the objectivity of the issue.

For a start, I would like to ask you to name of any specialist from any field. And since I myself am an architect than a proud way, it was probably more correct to ask you to name a few names from the field of architecture. It is hard? Although I think you're probably right, and easily named several well-known names in the vskidku. Is this true? Let's try to clarify the issue. In your opinion whether the FA Shekhtel specialist? And how about Gaudi? Rastrelli? And the master, gave birth to Notre Dame Cathedral or in Cologne? And many more pearls of the collection of architectural masterpieces and monuments. Well, I think, and let it slip. Key words and concepts in all of these issues has been and is the concept of "master," although the term "master" number associated with some encroachment into the area remeslinichestva that way is not so contrary to the subject. Probably all the same it would be better to replace the concept of "master" to "creator" or "creator." Or for something more democratic for the modern time, such as the notion of "author". "The author of the project." Notice that, for the field of architecture there is a concept as "the author of the project" and the concept of "senior specialist." If the author belongs to the creator, who is an expert in this case? Is a specialist can not afford the implementation of these tasks? The answer must again hide in a given issue before where you had to name a famous specialist in any field. Agree it would be paradoxical to say "the expert who created the Assumption Cathedral," or "specialist Shekhtel developed the project of the mansion." Of course, they were all experts in their field, but to call them as such would simply blasphemous. And why not? Probably because there is a difference between being "expert" or be "master", "creator", or if you want the "author".

I think it's time to try to define this concept as a who's an expert. "Specialist" is a person who applies to the earlier practice, knowledge and skills. That is, to put it simple and understandable language "expert" like a robot in which was laid by the program performs its work up to their qualifications. "High quality specialist" does the job with minimal errors. A specialist of lower rank can afford a wider range of errors. What course in the end affects its image. It's like an old model of the computer, which handles only text programs. For schedules also need a more modern and more powerful computer. Yes, and modern computer problems must be solved many times more than the PC a decade ago. So it is with the experts. A more modern and more sociable now a specialist in high esteem in fashion. After all, have to solve as many programs and tasks that not many people cope. And if there is a need to be ahead of the rest, you need to flat out to its fullest.

And then again, I have a question. How long can a bear expert, so hang on a difficult task? It is all about and decide is doing and making, and achieve real results of this more complicated, because there are more modern and more powerful models of experts. Sound familiar? Returning to the design area if 7-10 years ago, a man who knows AutoCAD or Arhikad was worth its weight in gold, but now almost all owned by many programs that are more complex and powerful. The specialists of the time simply has become scrap metal. If the course does not try to escape with the times, as there is strength. And when the power runs out, what will happen? Not a very funny picture, right? Moreover, it expects each regardless of the degree and qualifications.

Now let's imagine for a moment Fyodor Osipovich Shechtel the computer. As he tries to catch up with time, putting himself all kinds of upgrades and modifications. As he tries to convey the most realistic drop shadow from the chandeliers reflected in the floor. Presented? Smile? I think it can also be attributed to the section "absurd" or "nonsense." And you know why? Because the masters of their craft above such things. And even if at that time there was a powerful computer with featured programs, nothing would it not work if he tried to be those who do not have to.
Thus, we can assume a comparison. "Specialist" is always trying to run away with the times, applying knowledge and skills acquired at the same time. How else would find a job computer scientists and programmers in the past. And the lancer or the knights in the future. He is like a machine, corresponding to trends and demands of modernity. But anyway, and as it was not perfect the mechanism, it is still a cog in the overall system. Specialist indispensable person in the workplace, education, sports, in general, in all areas and sectors where a conveyor application of knowledge. And if you take into account the working conveyor design, the specialist of this field is also very, very necessary. But the essence of the mechanism and its main problem is that it is easily replaced by another similar or better. You can assemble a team of excellent professionals from both the designer. And everyone at the same time will do its job. Let very well, but still only his. Specialist VC will not be able to make the project agents. Landshaftnik not do the interior. How to be in this case? If everyone will do only what he can do. What positive results can be achieved in this case? It's like elektromyasorubka which everything revolves and rotates, regardless of whether there is anything in it or not. It does its job and that's it. I think such "meat grinder" that are simply performing their job, packed with 99% of the design institutes. But why? Probably because at the time it was put on the conveyor production professionals perform their work in the same specialist who served as his own. It looks at what is a fantastic film, where all the robots are controlled. But this also explains the time it is called "stagnation." Everything worked, everything is served, operated in one word. As a result, there was very little positive. Not to mention of course about the sport. Here were the most outstanding achievements, because specialists in this field were "nakrucheny" training and techniques that this area is simply irreplaceable. But the sport to speak separately and, therefore, return to our area with you. Where as you remember, we have stopped thinking, "You can build a great team of specialists from both the designer." And that all mechanisms work in their own way. And what would all this work is interconnected here and there, "Senior Specialist" who controls these mechanisms less. But the trouble is that neither the chief specialist, nor any other can not be "author." For that to be the "author" no one ever teach. There is no method of how to become a writer. No, of course there are techniques, but the effectiveness of these are not encouraging. All the experts are working, and the author creates. And just this is the utility of a specialist. Enable the author to do, so what it should, while the specialist performs all the routine work. A team of specialists is assembled together like a machine mechanism, and the author of a driver who operates them on your own.

Do you think the chief architect of a "specialist" or "author"? I think he's an expert, who has realized his authorship. He had the power and sophistication to break out and become the outside of the mechanical system. Otherwise, it would be just an architect 1-2, or what else the discharge, which performs day to day tasks assigned to them, so far as they can and as much as they taught it. Differently in designing just be impossible. You can just be the author or creator of a work of poetry, painting and music. That is where the author's creations are just for aesthetic perception. The architecture not only to create works of aesthetic perception. This incidentally explains my aversion several methods of "licking" of project delivery. The essence of the project in its correctness and expediency, and not as a renderer. But now it is irrelevant and, therefore, speaking of the authorship of refined architecture, saying that the architect is only the author can not quite. Of course he is an expert, because it uses the knowledge and skills. And at the same time, he and the author, because it violates these mechanisms is beyond the limits of the system and getting out at the same time. And stay out of time, it can just as much alive to the work or mention of them. If you remember, until recently there were seven wonders of the world that were known me since childhood. But I was very discouraged after learning that these wonders of the world simply does not remain the exception of units. And if you were mentioning about the author of these wonders, they have experienced themselves and of course the creations of the author. Surprisingly, sometimes the memory is more alive than a rock. And vice-versa. Automatically start at the same time to think about the permanence or impermanence of their affairs. And how far can respond in a time that was created by you.
But to return all the same to the concept of "expert." Although I think you've seen the difference between a "specialist" and "author." And apparently, this would be to stop, but at the beginning of this article, I stated that try to be objective in this matter, and now it turns out that the concept of "spetsializm" highlighted a few in a negative light. What is certainly true, but it does not meet the holistic perception. And such is, paradoxically, the "author" should not be all. That is why the author is a writer. Imagine, for example, that if they were all writers. Who then would have to work and carry out routine work, which is so well carried out by experts. I think in this case, the progress would consist only of the theory. Theories about how good it was like to live, if someone did, what was intended. And so on until the end of time. But fortunately this is not and should not be. Though, probably, prosperous America in the middle of it and kept running, and only by visiting emigrants. However, to start a discussion about it now, I would not want to.
Finally, summing up his argument on this issue would add the following: Each designer is and "author" and "specialist", and how much stronger than the other one is expressed in the same condition in which you are now. If the job you are gnawing your unexpressed ideas and plans, we listen, for sure it is the "author" wants to get out. Or conversely, if you are interested in The orderly expectation of the end of the day, and you to do what that accomplishment, it's just a "specialist" who does not want to sit inside the "strain" or for what reason. Both of you are, but how would you have signed up for his project "author" or "expert" tell someone who is stronger within you. Want to become an expert. Are you sure? …

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